Corporate Culture
Principles of Conduct

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products to our consumer. We strongly believed that only a quality product will ensure all jobs and tasks could be done effectively, efficiently and at the same time, SAFE while using it.

We are constantly improving our product quality and our customer services to meet market requirements. Hence, we hope to fulfil our dreams and objectives with our consumer together, we can enjoy the learning journey to a successful story.

Basic Philosophy of our employee's


Promote healthy competitions and dedication.

Customer Satisfaction

Listen to the consumers’ needs and apply necessary action to satisfy our consumer expectation and beyond.

Personal Value

Appreciating every efforts of individual and continue to develop skills and knowledge.


New ideas are welcome. Always think out of box. Nothing is impossible.


There are no heroes in the company. Success is depending on the participation and efforts from everyone.

The Backbone of Mr.Mark


A good brand name always relies on good quality. In MR.MARK, we insists all the tools produced must meet the standard of ISO3318:1990, ISO1174:1996 and also Germany DIN. Besides, it must possess excellent performance and meet the Safety standard. This is the belief of MR.MARK.


Affordable pricing to consumers is the main concern of MR.MARK, therefore we have published [Competitiveness Report Annually]. This is a system setting by MK to always ensure pricing is competitive in the market via various surveys and feedbacks to ensure customer perceived value of the MK tools have been satisfied.


Excellent after sales service is the commitment of everyone in MK.


MK believed every jobs can be done and people have unlimited potential to overcome obstacles. We will never give up and surrender whenever encounters challenges.

  • MR.MARK strongly believes enterprise can continuously revolutionize a product whereby quality can be improved and organization can continuous improved. The employee can coetaneous adding value through branding mind set.
  • MR.MARK believes in product development entrepreneur to bring forth revolutionize change and improvement in quality and organization.
  • MR.MARK is the ultimate definition of a strong, stable and affectionate branding. Promote healthy competitions and dedication.

Six Core Value

Customer Focus

We create and develop everlasting relationship with customers thru our CRM Division (Customer Relationship Management), to understand and anticipated their needs. We deliver the best innovative solutions and services, with unrivalled Quality and Lead Times, worldwide.


As a company, we lead our industry by product, as an employee, we lead by example; we chart the course, motivate colleagues and strive to develop individual’s performance and services. We focus our energies on setting ambitious goals, and driving our team and organization towards success.


Working in teams, we create a positive and fruitful environment, when we pool our individual together, complementary abilities will accomplish an extraordinary result.


Our decision-making process is based on facts, and we welcome diversified views and idea or suggestions. Once decisions are made, we execute them with dedication and respect to our community.


Each employee is personally accountable, has the authority and resources to fulfil his/her mission. She/he takes initiative in the interest of the MR.MARK community.


Integrity forms the foundation for all of our other values. Commitment to the highest ethical standards is essential for personal and collective progress.

Logo Design

The Professional's Choice-A quality range setting the standard for today's worker.

A registered trademark, MR.MARK is synonymous with competitively priced products of superior quality. Always working diligently towards improving products, quality and services, we are confident of meeting our customer's needs, particularly in custom designed tools. With this commitment, we will continue to strive towards conquering all future challenges.
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